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Delayed Baggage Service

If your baggage has been delayed, you are sure to be anxious and worried, especially if you have some important things in it. But we at Fast Courier,can take this burden off of your shoulders. We provide specialized airline delayed baggage courier services across Canada. We are a family-owned and operated business that has dedicated team with years of experience in the complex airline industry.

We handle a significant number of bags per annum across various airports across Canada, for a large number of ground handling companies and airlines. Our company supports these operations reliably and ensures your delayed baggage gets your in in a good condition and on time.

We are 100% dedicated to ensuring that the passengers are reunited with their delayed luggage as effortlessly & quickly as possible. You will find that we go out of the way to provide constant communication and outstanding customer service.

Direct: Pickup and Deliver ASAP

We at Fast Courier are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best services at all times. We understand that every customer has different courier requirements and our Direct: pickup and deliver ASAP services are ideal for those urgent deliveries that have to be delivered to the destination without delay. We like to keep things simple so you can place your courier requirements with ease.

All you have to do is call us or place your request for a consignment pickup via our website and our personnel will be at your location quickly. Regardless of the size of the shipment, it will be processed on a priority basis and sent to your destination ASAP.

As a family-owned company, we know the value of quick, efficient, cost-effective as well as personalized courier services and aim to go the extra mile so your business runs seamlessly.

Out of Town: Pickup and Drop Off ASAP

We at Fast Courier are a family-owned and operated business that is completely in sync with our customers’ needs. Today, many small businesses operate out of multiple locations and cater to customers across the country. These businesses have very specific logistics requirements and we are a company that recognizes these needs.

Our Out of Town: Pickup and drop off ASAP courier services are designed specifically for such businesses. If you have any consignment that needs to be shipped from an out-of-town location to any destination in Canada, we are the experts that can handle the job for you.

So if your warehouse is in a city different from where your head offices are located, you only have to put in a request for the pickup from that location. Our efficient, cost-effective, reliable and 24/7 services help ensure you maintain your credibility and reputation in the market.

Rush: Pickup and Deliver Within 2 hrs

As a small business, you sometimes have to send out urgent orders to your customers. At times such as these, you need to be assured that the courier service you use would be able to deliver the shipment to the desired location quickly and efficiently.

We at Fast Courier recognize all these requirements that our customers can have and our Rush: Pickup and Deliver Within 2 hrs. service has been specifically-designed for requirements such as these. Since we provide 24/7 services, you are assured that we will respond promptly to your call and send out our personnel for a quick pickup. The delivery will happen within 2 hours depending on the location it has to be delivered to.

Our aim is to provide an efficient and super-fast logistics solution, so you can wow your customers with your efficiency. While we provide unfalteringly, high-grade services, you will find that our pricing structure is very competitive and provides you value for money.